Thought I’d share some more photographic tips. I’ll have to try some of these when I’m not so busy with school work. For those the DSLRs: and for everyone: Additionally over on today they have a really cool looking tri-pod for $99.00, enjoy.

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Since the laces on my shoes are lookin’ kinda ratty these articles caught my eye: & They also brought to mind a previous question: Are you tying your shoes correctly? Check here: 

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Help Mike

Hey I know no one reads these stupid posts, but my friend Mike needs some in his quest to study abroad. Help him out and give his picture a vote.

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Turn an IKEA Organizer into an Awesome and Cheap Photography Soft Box

And this one is for my sister and those other photographers I know out there.

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Build a DIY NERF Gun to Supercharge Your Foam Warfare

This is one is for Mr. Owen… thought you’d enjoy it.

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So far so good

The first week of the new term is about half over and I feel a need to check in. So far so good. I got a little bit behind, but I made up for that today. I think that next week will go a bit smoother. I plan on working ahead as much as I can so I can be prepared for next week’s events. My workout schedule didn’t go exactly as planned, but I have to keep at it this is a marathon not a sprint. I’m trying to change some eating habits. I’ve discovered I really like apples. Next week I might try some other fruit to keep things interesting. I’ve really enjoyed reading about the Lifehacker staff’s tools of the trade, unfortunately I’m not much of a blogger so they don’t apply to me. I am very interested in the plan text todo list. I want to see something that combines that with a previously mentioned three page todo list.

I also really have to thank my wife. She is wonderful. I don’t tell her this enough. She thinks of things that I would never stop to consider. Like what to do with our cats when we move. I’m not really sure how we are going to handle that problem. We will keep working on it until a solution is reached.

More art can be expected this weekend. I’m not sure what, but it has made me really happy to post these stupid drawings and what not on here.

Anyway if anyone is reading this I hope it gives you some enjoyment. Look for these updates to become something regular.

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My apps on AppBrain

For those that use Android… Check out my apps on AppBrain:
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New Term

Alas, a new school term has started for me. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to keep posting those ulgy word of the day drawings every day. I’m going to scale it back to once per week and see how that goes. Wish me luck.
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Abstruse Goose ยป Inspiration

Evil Squirrels. I know my friends in the “Stephen Colbert Enemy Within: Ypsi Squirrel Edition” group will appreciate this comic. We must always remember that we have to prevent this doomsday scenario from taking place at all costs. Read on if you dare.

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Another drawing inspired by the word of the day: thimbelrig.

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